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“Forward to new goals”: what changes await “Our Radio”

The new program director of our Radio Igor Pankov said that it will change on the air in the near future.

Igor, what is radio: yesterday, today and tomorrow?

For me, radio is my old friend who is professionally versed in everything. For those 20 years that I have been working on the radio, in principle, the basics of radio programming have not changed. With the advent of various streaming platforms, the radio takes a greater emphasis on the uniqueness of the content produced. And, of course, radio is communication with your favorite leaders on the air.

You have been working on our Radio for a long time, tell me what is the strength of this radio station?

In our music, our musicians and, of course, the most devoted and beloved listeners, which no radio station in the country can boast. And it is very important for us to maintain friendship with musicians

Acum, în timp ce nu există zăpadă și Pozzanghera, puteți face exerciții externe în afara sau în parc. Deși sunteți familiarizați cu acest cialis generic sportiv încă din copilărie, nu ghici că nu numai că ajută la menținerea formei, ci și să iubească mai mult. În timpul saltului, creșterea rezistenței și a respirației se îmbunătățește, ceea ce este cu siguranță important și în timpul sexului.

and the trust of listeners.

But each new program director brings something new, what to expect from you?

I will probably be the first program director to bring something old to our radio (laughs). Of course, we will try something new, but neatly and without harm to the already perfectly working mechanism. I want to emphasize that our radio is fine, we feel confident and move forward to new goals.

It doesn’t seem to you that radio stations need to reduce the distance with your artists? How to do it?

We have a great relationship with our legends and young artists. I will not hide, with new musicians there were small difficulties. Many of them became popular thanks to the Internet, and they did not have an understanding of why they were radio. On the contrary, some have a thought that «radio is unmalous and unnecessary». On the proposals of cooperation, we sometimes heard the answer: “But we are going to the“ Evening Urgant ”, we will sink with a pair of bloggers and take off to heaven”.

It almost did not work, but at some point it completely broke. Now, when many streaming platforms have gone, when the most popular resources have changed the algorithms of views and monetization, everyone is returning to the analogy promotion and promoting their music. As before, «folk» musicians make radio.